UniFi AP AC EDU 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point with Broadcast PA

$699.00 each Brand: Ubiquity Ubiquity

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802.11ac Dual-Radio AP with Public Address System. Featuring the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 3x3 MIMO technology, the UniFi AC EDU AP conveniently integrates Wi-Fi and public address capabilities, making it ideal for campus-wide, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Train Stations, Stadiums, Call Centres, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres, Warehouses and more.

Key Features:

• UniFied Wi-Fi and Public Address System Integration - Make announcements over Wi-Fi — no separate hardware needed.
• Advanced Acoustic Performance - The UniFi AC EDU AP provides high-quality sound with accurate voice reproduction.
• Dual-Radio 3x3 MIMO - The UniFi AC EDU AP supports simultaneous dual-band, 3x3 MIMO technology in the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands for up to 1750 Mbps.
• Mobile Announcement App - Broadcast announcements with clarity from your iOS or Android-based device using our mobile app.
o Ubiquiti Networks offers the UniFi EDU app so you can broadcast announcements with clarity from your mobile device.
The UniFi EDU app includes five tabs:
? Broadcast: Create broadcast groups and make an immediate announcement.
? Schedule: Schedule announcements.
? Recordings: Create recordings for later use.
? Volume: Adjust the volume for each UniFi AP AC EDU.
? Settings: Switch to a different site.

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